Monday Masters : Tatsuo Suzuki

“So far, technique is not so interesting for me.   More important thing is catching the Decisive Moments.   Expressing subjects humanity feelings.” Tatsuo Suzuki


Welcome to another Monday Masters post and this time we take a deeper look at the work of a Japanese street photographer Tatsuo Suzuki who picked up photography in 2008. Suzuki first photographed everyday objects and scenery and later developed an interest in capturing people.

“I only shoot objects I like when I find them. I follow my own instincts. I do not want to copy someone else’s style.”

Incredibly close and intimate, emotional, tense and raw, gritty high contrast images that explore one of the busiest cities in the world, Tokyo – thats what I felt and how I would describe Tatsuo’s work on the streets.


Among a huge amount of amazing photos I chose the image above. Something I can’t explain attracted me to it. I really like the low angle here which makes the masked figure even more menacing and superior in comparison to the passer by (or the viewer). The contrasts are captured masterfully and there’s a feel of mystery and unease.

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