Four eyes

Today I met up with a good friend of mine Arno (more about him in future posts) who happens to be a photographer and a great one too. Having worked on a personal project in Gaza and later spending time in Africa to do a reportage, I was delighted to spend a few hours in his presence and just talk about life and photography while we walked and got lost in the city of Montpellier.

We got our cameras ready and hit the streets on a very hot day here in South of France. We discussed the difference of shooting film (in his case) and digital (my preference), pros and cons of each medium and came to conclusion that one should do whatever one feels comfortable with. You just have to like and know your gear.

We walked around and chatted, open minded with no particular theme in mind. Once in a while we’d pause and discussed a certain potential scene, exchanging our views and perspectives. It felt like I had another pair of eyes as he would suggest something that I overlooked or point at something that I missed. It was an extremely enjoyable and learning experience.

Arno confessed that he can’t even remember the last time he hit the city streets like that and I was very happy that I pushed for us to meet for a photo walk.


As we parted, we thanked each other and he told me that he would absolutely love to meet up again.

I personally think that photography is a solitary adventure but when once in a while you hit the streets with a photog friend, you gain and learn so much from each other.

I am already looking forward to the next one…



6 comments on “Four eyes

  1. i really know this kind of situation. as usual when i want to shoot streets and moments and strangers, i prefer to go alone. but i also have a few (really few – 2-3) friends photographers, whom company is only addition to my hunting. great to have these people around and to meet sometimes – as usual we start or end (or both) with a good beer 🙂

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