Monday Masters : Ian Berry

Summer holidays have started but we’ll still continue with our weekly Monday posts. My posts will probably be more brief and shorter than usual but I’ll still try to dig up enough information and links for you to check out dear reader. This Monday, the nominated Master is Ian Berry.

The great single picture is emotionally satisfying, whereas getting a good journalistic story is more about being a professional. ” Ian Berry


Ian Berry is a British photographer and a member of Magnum. His bio is here.

My favourite image:

Sharpeville, Transvaal. SA 1960

Sharpeville was just one of many human rights abuses in apartheid South Africa. It was recorded by Ian Berry, the only photojournalist present on the day. His photographs, some of which were later used in the trial proving the victims’ innocence.

Advice from Ian Berry:

“Photography is not an intellectual pursuit – it’s intuitive. The only intellectual aspect comes with doing your research before going off to shoot but once you’re there, with some knowledge of what’s going on, you have to be physically inconspicuous, you have to learn to tread carefully and to move softly. Cartier-Bresson once said to me, “Photography’s a bit like shooting a gun: you wait until you see something coming together, you move in quickly, quietly, and you try and put whatever’s happening into an exciting shape.” It’s advice I’ve gone with.”


Interview with Vice

Ian Berry’s best shot

121 clicks article

Magnum profile

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