June picks

It is time to sum up another month. A few important things happened in June photography wise. I would like to share some of them with you if you don’t mind.

  • I have to say I feel a bit relieved and going into the second half of this year with a clearer mind and a purpose. Finally I have a few folders with certain themes on my desktop where I put the uploaded pictures immediately after post processing them. It is something that was missing earlier and something I will use later to finalize my projects and essays. I updated my website once again, I’m not totally happy with it but I feel it’s on the right path. 

    Ukranian football supporters. I mistook them for Russian fans but they were totally cool with it and didn’t mind I photographed them  
  • I’m extremely excited to share that my friend and fellow photographer Arno and I are working on a potential local self published photo magazine. The idea is still young so I won’t say any more until we actually unleash something.


candid city-11.jpg
The picture was taken on Father’s day in Montpellier, France
  • Earlier this month I got hold of a simple point & shoot camera at the local market. This Panasonic DMC-TZ6 cost me only 20 euros with an sd card and battery so yes, almost for free… I took it as I wanted to try out a smaller camera as up until now I’ve been working with a DSLR. I’ve been looking at the Fuji series for a while now and just to reduce my G.A.S. I  thought it would be a good opportunity to try and really limit myself to a point and shoot and prove to myself again that It’s not a camera you own – it’s your vision that matters at the end of the day. Of course it’s really basic and limits you in many things for ex; bad quality in low light, autofocus not as quick as you want it for candid street but whats so great about it is that it is so small and light, you just carry it with you ALL THE TIME ( something that you can’t always do with a heavy DSLR ) and you also learn to adapt to creative constraints.


Celebrating the beginning of summer holidays

The second and the third picture were taken with my new little friend – Panasonic and as it’s summer time I just can’t rule out colour photography so here you are:

mtp by foot-7.jpg
On my way to the city centre
In the city centre of Montpellier
Port Carnon

Thank you for checking this out and till very soon.


2 comments on “June picks

  1. Its all going in the right direction Yuri, your new small camera appears to serve you well, I was surprised by the amount of freedom / lack of attention smaller kit delivers. Good luck for July .

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