Black and white heat

It’s ironic because I’m writing this post just after witnessing an hour long thunderstorm outside of my window.

Until today, for the past couple of weeks, the average temperature in south of France was about +30 in the shade. We welcomed today’s storm with open arms. But this post is not about the rain. I would just like to share some photos that were taken during the past two weeks when the heat in the city centre was full on.

Montpellier 2016
Montpellier 2016
Montpellier 2016
Montpellier 2016


One of the places to hide and stay away from the heat was the main shopping mall but of course you fell into another trap of walking out of there with a few notes less in tour wallet… well, for some anyway…

Polygone, Montpellier 2016

I’m really looking forward to the next thunderstorm…

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