эрisdп down


Thank you for stopping by and till very soon

Mostly I wanted to make this blog post a little different and have fun really. We take ourselves too seriously too often 🙂

Well, I picked these 3 shots from my trip to Arles and flipped them. Do they work upside down or not? You decide…


Of course I also have to mention the great Henri Cartier-Bresson whose golden rule for good composition was to turn the image upside down. This way our eyes perceive only the shapes, turning the subject matter into an abstract – if it looks good and has balance, it will work the right way up.


The post was also inspired by the brilliant book “Failed it” by Erik Kessels, I would absolutely recommend it for all of you creative people. Actually, yesterday I travelled to Arles where the annual photography festival takes place and “Perfect Imperfections” organised by Kessels was one of the many exhibitions there.


Hi guys. This post is going to be a bit unusual so please bare with me 🙂 Don’t know if it will work or not, you decide.





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