July picks

For the best part of July I was shooting with my DSLR. I wrapped the strap around my wrist so I had to only bring the camera to my eye to compose a shot. This resulted in a more fluid experience in comparison to having the camera around your neck. 

Yes, after a while your wrist starts hurting but not more than when your neck hurts when a camera swings on it and sometimes gets in the way. I already minimised the weight of my DSLR Canon 650D by having a pancake 24mm ( 38mm full frame eq. ) lens on at all times so it’s not that bad.

So these are my personal July picks…


I just came out of the second hand shop and saw this guy with his dog across the road. I sped up like a maniac and took the shot. About 3 seconds later he took the dog down…


On way to work…


Old city, Montpellier.


While waiting for the train in Arles.

Oli on balcony

This is one of my favourite pictures of my oldest son Oliver (ironically taken with a simple point & shoot Panasonic Lumix)

And now, let’s bring some colour in 🙂

candid lumix-16

Perols, on way to work…


Her mother was on the phone and about 10 meters ahead…

In the old city centre, somewhere by the Church.
In the old city centre, somewhere by the Church.


In Nimes…

candid lumix-6

English translation – Except dependents

Thanks a lot for visiting, hope you have a great weekend and till very soon!





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