One picture

While scrolling through Twitter I’ve noticed that it is a World Photography Day.

Something positive, meaningful and uplifting happened a few days ago and it will be totally appropriate to post it on this particular Day. Just a little story that happened in June and I forgot about but the power of a photograph is never to be underestimated. If you have a few minutes, I’d like to share this story. I’ll try to make it nice and short..:)

Location: France, Perols tram stop

Time: June, around midnight

I get on my usual tram, ready to head back home from work. Suddenly I hear someone speaking in Russian ( my mother tongue ), I turn around and I see a group of 7 guys, trying to explain to the conductor in broken English that the ticket machine broke down on them, swallowed their money and gave no tickets to travel.

The conductor obviously didn’t understand English, so I happily interrupted their painful conversation by offering to help, translate and get the guys sited behind the driver so they would not get into trouble with the potential ticket controllers.

The guys were very surprised and very happy to have found somebody to rescue them in the difficult situation. Later on we had a quick chat. They came to watch the European football Cup. I first mistook them for Russian fans but they were actually from Ukraine and were super friendly. In the end I told them that I am a photographer and asked if they didn’t mind if I took a picture. They agreed without hesitation and I clicked a few shots. I gave them my card because you never know and we parted ways.


A few days ago I receive a message on my Facebook page from a guy named Misha. It said;

Hi, I finally found you on FB. I am one of the football fans that you helped on the tram in Montpellier that day in June. I found that photo on your blog and sent it to the guys. They were super happy to look at it and remember the times. I posted it on Instagram with the story behind it!

I could not find a better story to share on World Photo Day.

Once again, thank you Misha for looking and contacting me, it means a lot!



4 comments on “One picture

  1. What a good experience to share Yuri. I’m glad to have read the story behind the picture and to see you spinning a web beyond Montpellier! How fitting for World Photo Day, indeed.

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