Another trap?

I have been surfing the internet to find some cool places to submit photos. There is a proper list of competitions out there but most of them cost money to get into…

I stumbled upon a World Street Photography site where you can submit images through Tumblr. Yes, you have to register, create a profile, upload photos to your stream so then you could start submitting.

So I did… I created a profile and the whole shabang, uploaded the picture I wanted to submit and I think (if I’ll remember) I can submit up to 3 a week.

Have I fallen into another trap? Another platform to go and check out, like I don’t have enough of those already ( Twitter, FB, Instagram, WordPress )

Can I actually get something out of it? I read many people have left Tumblr because it was kind of useless. I may come to the same conclusion with time but I decided to give it a go.

Montpellier, France 2016

Even if it is just for submitting a few photos 2 or 3 times a week.

I’m curious, if any of you guys who’s reading is using Tumblr and what do you take out from using it? Do you use it to blog or just upload images to get likes or to submit photos?

Thanks for reading


33 comments on “Another trap?

  1. It always tempting to hunt for likes, but in the end it’s quite useless. That’s why I quit Flickr some time ago. I concentrate on the fine community here, and on my own blog now.

    Only submitted some shots to the LensCulture Street photography competition last week. It’s paid but at least I’ll get a professionnel evaluation even though I don’t have a chance to win a flowerpot.

    • Thanks for commenting Frank. I feel like I’m at the point where I really don’t care about likes anymore but care to get some exposure to my photos and connect with fellow photogs like you and others here on WP, Fb or Twitter as I still find it hard to communicate on Instagram (just visually) Yes I was thinking of submitting to Lensculture but opted against in the end as I found my portfolio still not strong enough… I’m sure you’ll get a proper constructive critique and comments, good luck!

      • Thanks, but just like you I feel that my photography is not (yet?) up to the high standards of LC. But as you said, a bit of exposure to the higher spheres won’t hurt..

  2. Interesting Yuri, I had noticed WSP and like some of their stuff. I thought it might be a nice challenge to get something in (always good to have a goal to aim for) and you can instantly post from Instagram…but I’ve never really bothered for some reason. I think your point about having too many places to go check is really true and like frank and you said, it’s good to concentrate on small communitities like bloggers blogs. I wonder if blogging communities are having a bit of a revival from that point of view.

  3. Interesting discussion. Same sentiments. Tried 500px in the past but there it is about getting likes. No proper feedback. So I share pics on my WP photoblog and push them to FB, Tumblr and Twitter. I am also represented on a local site where I sell a print now and then. Local expositions are more rewarding. The bold thruth is that there are many photographers out there, so it is hard to step into the spotlights if that is what you are looking for. However I do it purely for my own enjoyment and for people close to me. There is no virtual alternative for that.

    Finaly, great photograph!

    • Thanks for your thoughts Steve. My WP posts are pushed to those platforms too but I guess to get a proper feedback – you need to give a physical exhibition or submit to big competitions like LensCulture, Miami SP Festival etc..
      About doing it for our enjoyment – I totally share your point of view, your images have to mean smth to you, otherwise whats the point, right?

      • Yuri, what in your eyes is “proper feedback”? Why… for you…. “big competion” means proper feedback?

      • Big competitions tend to have established and great photographers in the judging or reviewing panels, photogs whose work you love and you find inspiring. Just another way to get good feedback and not – “nice shot” or “cool image” type

      • Exhibition does not guarantee anything……

        a woman walks in the exhibitions, she looks at the photo and says “nice shot” and goes home….

      • Also relying on another people’s opinion…wrong way of thinking…why you wait that somoby knows more about you…? what you want…

  4. I’ve been using Tumblr for quite a while (still do, but with less enthousiasm) and initially it was a great tool for me to discover many talented photographers. A sort of kick starter in this new world of online photography. And it sure was nice to receive likes and all that, but in the end, this reblogging routine, often without paying respect to credits and such, started to bother me, as well as the lack of a meaningful context. That’s why I moved over to wordpress some time ago. Although I do realize that the personal nature of my blog is limiting my ‘audience’ and doesn’t do much for the exposure of my pictures. But that’s okay. At this point, I’m more focussed on photographing than on exposure anyway.

    • Thank you for commenting Petra. I’m glad you’ve moved to WP as I find your photography and writing quite inspirational.
      Focusing on making pictures should be the only priority 🙂

    • The thing that I find worse than rebologging is when someone downloads and image and then reshares it with no credit to the creator at all,mall to game the system and get more likes or whatever. It can go unseen as there’s no indicator that they have done that.

      • I think you just have to accept it. I don’t know how much it happens with photos but I’ve seen some people rip off graphics from other users. Often they’ll repost it on the same hashtag. Tumblr has basically said it can’t enforce copyright so there you go. Even if you don’t use tumblr, folk can still not credit your work when they share it there. The street photography community on tumblr seem pretty good at giving attribution though.

  5. hi Yuri ! i use Tumblr just because of it not for WSP. i have some automatic reposts there and don’t use it in the same way like WP, Twitter or FB.. the best indication for me is a traffic to my Blogsite – i have no visits from Tumblr. but some of my friends use it in everyday manner and love this platform.

  6. I tried Tumblr too and found it completely useless–I don’t know if I was doing something wrong, but it took me nowhere. As you know, WP is my main conduit for getting my images out there, but I am trying now to reach out through Twitter, Instagram, and just recently, Pinterest. This keeps me busy and I hope it doesn’t begin to annoy me with all the rigamarole. I also tried 500px and Flickr, but I am on the fence with them… Like you I would be very interested in being more engaged in a SP community online, and you’re certainly very active on Twitter. Hopefully, things will grow. I am certainly keen on discovering other photographers to inspire me. Cheers.

    • Thanks for you comment Angel. Since I signed up on Tumblr, nothing really happened so gonna close the account very soon and stick to main guns: Twitter, Fb, WP and Insta. There are more than enough photogs to discover everyday. In the end its all about organizing your daily routine between daily chores, family, shooting and online communication…

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