Project update

Back in winter of 2014 I met with a local Graffiti artist Vania through a friend.  I was interested in his creative workflow and reasons behind his choice of decorating abandoned and hidden walls, bringing the colours to the most bleak and depressing places not only in Montpellier but around the world.

Since our first meeting I accompanied Vania to only 2 places that brought to life with his colourful theme. I am waiting to tag along one more time. That will make it 3 times and hopefully will be a nice mix.


The most difficult is to come. I mean the editing and sequencing of course…


This post is just a sneak peek with a few images from the two meet ups. On the second trip Vania’s friend Smol came along to add his signature.


I hope to catch up with the artist soon and finish the project with a little photo zine or maybe magazine with a bit of text. Will most definitely self publish with Blurb.


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