B positive

No, this is not about the blood types in case you’re wondering.

This is a reminder and advice first of all for myself about staying focus, thinking more positive, disregard haters, value opinions of people that matter to you and cut the crap out of your daily routine… If you can relate – good, if you disagree – also good.

I’ve read many articles and blogs lately where people write how they are becoming frustrated and discontent with whats going on in a photography world we live in. Street photography in particular.

canon walk-10.jpg

Lots of opinions are being tossed around on what IS street photography and what IS NOT, how you should shoot it, with what, or and I dont want to get into the #filmisnotdead going viral as if film shooters somehow put more soul into their photos than the folks who use digital. Who cares which type writer you used to write a book? Which particular instrument you used to make that song. If the final result is great and is what you want it to be – WHO CARES? The main thing is that you enjoyed the process…


Yes, we are bombarded with millions of images uploaded online every day but after all it is WE who decide what to look at. I am as guilty as anyone else of being the social media junkie but I do try to cut the crap out of this giant social media pool, cut the negativity out. I don’t need to follow hundreds of users on Instagram, don’t need to follow back instantly anyone who follows me on Twitter or FB, sure its great making photography connections with people whose work you find interesting but i’m talking about maybe a dozen folks.


The main thing is – stick to what you love, go make photos, one day you’ll feel like shooting close ups, another day you’d shoot urban landscapes, read books and inspiring blogs, (get off that Tumblr-its pretty useless so far and i dont want to be sacrificing more time on that…)

OK, i’m done, thanks for reading,

Stay positive and keep creating, see you soon

13 comments on “B positive

  1. “The main thing is that you enjoyed the process…”

    Right! And street photography is not to be defined too strictly. It’s anything related to humans and their interactions with the world really.

    Though shooting street has become quite difficult with all that talk about personal freedom, right to your image (I won’t run after anyone to make him sign a declaration after having made that elusive shot!), and of course the terrorist scares. But what the heck, just do it, if needs be I will systematically exclude humans from my pictures – at least recognizable ones!

    Hey, there’s a project in there!!

    By the way, great photos, Yuri!

    • Thank you for your thoughts Frank. Its the easiest and the most difficult, all you need is a camera, get out and develop your vision on the world, shoot what you feel like shooting, the thinking is for editing later…

  2. beautiful words Yuri !
    i love to use #filmisnotdead and #believeinfilm on Twitter but only with the goal to find what are ppl doing with film but absolutely don’t share this idea that one media is better than other.
    have a nice day and more POSITIVE !

  3. Pretty wise words Yuri, I think it’s much better focusing on positives than negatives. I do think there is a point in defending the idea of “street photography” but I also think that it isn’t worth spending all your attention and focus on. It’s much better to focus on what we can be grateful for! I’ve really been enjoying that hash light and sharp shadows in Krakow. It was really overcast a couple of days back and I was a bit bummed out but they came back so I’m grateful for a few more days of chasing light 😀

    • I think its just another type of photography (landscape,studio,documentary). If you think its just a fashion trend then go against the stream like The Sex Pistols for ex. Or every time innovate like Radiohead…or….stop shooting the streets..

      • exactly, it is just another type/genre/…. but I see documentary as something different….I perceive documentary more like “to document”, not as a style, but act…

        maybe I just should stop thinking in genres/labels…maybe

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