August picks

I don’t want to say these are the last photos of summer because as far as the weather goes here in South of France, summer is very much still present and will be here for another month probably… However, here are some images I picked as personal favourites from August.

To sum up the month of August: a very busy month at work, very hot days with harsh light so less shooting during the day, more shooting on way to and back from work. A trip to Arles for the annual international photography festival where lots of great works are still on display including William Klein, Gary Winogrand, Seamus Murphy and many others…

Arles 2016 (shot on Canon 650D)

Lots and lots of family fun time and meet ups with friends…

family pics-16.jpg
Clapiers 2016 (shot on iphone)

Lots of delicious summer foods and beers consumed…. a special mention goes to our favourite summer item – watermelon (my kids speak mainly French but they call the watermelon – Arbooz (Russian translation)

Carnon 2016 (shot on iphone)

But the new school year is already here which means no more sleeping till 9am, cool dark mornings are coming soon and to be honest, I’m kinda looking forward to that.

Montpellier 2016 (shot on iphone)

Also I would like to thank again the few people (you know who you are) that bought my little photo zine “City Web” which I released through Blurb earlier this month. It means a lot and the fact that someone on the other side of the world can enjoy and appreciate your printed work – is pretty amazing. It only motivates me to experiment and do more of those 🙂

lumix walk-5.jpg
Clapiers 2016 (shot on iphone)

Thank you for stopping by and till very soon


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