Street tales

Yesterday was good. Very good. It was really hot but enough of me complaining about the heat every time… I had a good walk. I walked for about an hour and a half in the morning. I went to the city centre, again. 

I thought to myself, will I shoot the same stuff, walk the same route, through the same little streets that smell of fresh croissants. The waiters are running out of the cafés with full treys like their life depended on it. The tourists are still circling the old city centre with heavy DSLR hanging on their necks. Shop vendors and business people are rushing by. The smell of 6 different perfumes is blending in with the heat…

But it’s all right. I’m here to observe, stop time, invent stories. It is never short of characters, the light always changes. Total immersion, no expectations and open mind.

Some shots from yesterday:












23 comments on “Street tales

      • Yup, can’t control if there will be a good photo today or not. Just if you are out shooting or not. I’ve been shooting a few more cliche’s recently. It’s nice to take the pressure off and just accept that.

      • My first roll went badly and that put me off a bit. Plus I’ve done a bit of local journalism so I’ve been shooting more digital (but set up like film). Taking two cameras seems like too much effort so that causes some issues. Film is a really great shooting experience though. The click is amazing.

      • My overall impression so far is that the cons don’t necessarily make it worth it. I’m wondering if it’s a distraction from just taking photos…but hey it’s a bit of fun.

      • I fighted with the question…. “use presets or not” for years…..and for years I did refuse them because I didn’t want to make a cheap (fake) effect … but it is also another view how to look at it… if used wisely it can automatize and make editing faster….

        I use them a lot now, silver efex mostly, and you?

  1. Exactly, I played around with a few and stuck with Portra for colour and Tri x for b&w. Been using them for more than a year now. However if I shoot on iphone I edit on snapseed with similar looking presets

    • Photography has inevitable relation with nostalgia in any case so I won’t deny it, of course Nostalgia is part of it; I also like how the colours turn out, sometimes I reduce a bit of grain on colour images though

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