Home ghosts

This little post will be a bit different. All the photos are taken inside our apartment so it’s not “street” but who cares right 🙂 

Thing is, something I’ve been waiting for finally happened yesterday – rain…. lots of it, non stop, heavy rain. After weeks of suffocating heat, we received some stormy rain. I was happy on one side and bummed on another as I couldn’t come out to shoot (yep, have to get some proper rainproof gear)…

But I really wanted to shoot so it was another opportunity to explore our humble apartment. This set was born and while looking at the photos I thought: we will not stay here forever, after we leave it will be just another apartment where someone else will live but the ghost-photos will remain…










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12 comments on “Home ghosts

  1. It’s interesting to think of all the photos and memories that people have in places we live in (especially when others lived there before). I really like the third and fourth here. Mysterious and ghostly indeed!

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