The result?

Elaborating on something heard on a recent photo podcast:

People often say, it’s become so easy now. You have your digital camera with LCD screen. You take a photo and can immediately check the result on screen. But are you seeing the result? I think its an important question to ask.

Because you can not know if that photo you made will eventually make it into a series or a certain thematic set… You are seeing something that captured your attention and you had to make a photo of it so here it is, on the screen. The result will come later, maybe in post production, maybe in selection etc. Who knows, it might be a header image for your new photo book… Then you have the result.


I may check my LCD screen for a couple of reasons; 1 – if I shot from the hip, I want to check if I got the subject in the frame or 2 – if the shot was properly exposed.

What about you guys? Anyone feels the same or you prefer to turn off your LCD completely so it doesn’t disturb you? Curious to hear your opinions 🙂

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10 comments on “The result?

  1. I confess.. I do a lot of chimping 😀 😀 😀 Mainly to see if the exposure is correct. I have my screen set so that I can see the photo and the histogram and settings used.

  2. Interesting point Yuri. I know I view photos differently on different size screens. The tiny thumbnails on the camera look very different to when I view the photos on my iPad or Mac. I generally don’t like “chimping” where I check straight afterward but I will use my EVF to check the exposure of a scene so I know if some highlights are really blown out or some shadows are too dark. I also use the LCD on my camera for certain angles. I used to use my LCD more when I was shooting with an olympus as it could rotate a bit making it more useful when shooting low or up high.
    Charlie Kirk told me about a photographer friend of his from Turkey who act like he was taking a video with his camera and viewing the LCD for the video. People don’t seem to mind that as much as a single photo. This let him get right up to people without them realising he was taking a photo. I think Valerie Jardin often frames with the LCD as it is less threatening and so does George Georgiou uses a mirrorless camera with a titlty LCD to shoot like a SLR looking straight down as he says it is less threatening and then there is Diado Moriyama who does something similar too. It seems a good option.

    • Thanks for commenting Chris. Yes, everyone finds their own way to use it. Thing is after you made a photo which is properly exposed and framed you dont really know if its a good photo or not yet. You’re not seeing the final result… coz if you put it in a certain context or use it as part of selection, it might mean different things. Sorry if it seems bit confusing..:)

  3. very interesting question..
    yes i disabled the preview on my screen – very good for the battery of my camera – i have to take almost twice from one charge 🙂
    about the question – i love to take image as close as possible to what i see in my imagination. of course i have some corrections with Lightroom but the most enjoyable part for me is to play with exposure and light and not with a filters

    • Thanks Victor. I agree with you on the most enjoyable and satisfying parts. If you’re able to translate your vision into an image without enhancements – awesome job

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