About a journey

It is too late. You are in there, we all are. Around 2 billion images are uploaded online every day.

Basically, if you don’t want to take part, you need to sign off everything, close all your media sharing accounts and go “cold turkey”… 

What??!! No, no way I’m going “cold turkey”! I can just imagine how it feels like, here is an example (warning: strong language)

Ok, I might be slightly exaggerating but you get my point.

So, no sir, I’m in there and I want to share MY world, things I find amusing, interesting, weird, beautiful, funny and sad.

They say – “Only share your best work”. I was wondering if it’s a right way to do it for quite some time. I even share photos I take on a proper camera on Instagram. But lately that’s changed as I found myself an iPhone so I can shoot and share pretty much straight away.


Then, a few days ago I heard someone say – “Why won’t you share your journey?” … Not just post what you think are THE best images but also post your OK or SO,SO photos. Maybe, explain what you tried to capture, your thoughts behind it, did it work or not, how would you have liked the final result to be and so on…

I thought, well, maybe I’m already kind of doing that here, on WordPress blog. Although still restricting myself quite often. Maybe I should not be so harsh…


What do you think guys? If anyone has thoughts or would like to comment, please don’t hesitate 🙂

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19 comments on “About a journey

  1. Yuri, don’t mix entertainment, being online, writing about photography, blogging, chatting about photography, looking at other people’s photos….with photography.

    • Why not? Im not the first and only one to do it… are you reffering to the video? That was not the main point though. Im at times undecided wether to publish only the best or the whole lot… Thanks

      • I know, this wasn’t the point of your post. Just my thoughts. Video is cool, should watch that movie again…

        Best vs. all… it is a hard one. Well, maybe pick photos that you love…that you have some feelings when you look at them.

        It depends….if you shoot for yourself it doesnt matter….if you shoot to deliver a result of good quality (photo contest, book, wedding, etc) than select best photos…

      • About that mix…you can mix… sure…I was only saying that writing and talking is one thing…and photographing is another thing.

  2. Your photography needs to please first of all….you yourself. And if you want to share all your work online, as a sort of personal diary….that’s completely fine. If you don’t need to make a living out of a clean portfolio and as long as you don’t define your photographic success by how many likes you get you couldn’t care less. Let your followers take out of your published work whatever they like. Just have fun!

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