Let it roll

It’s been a while I know. The blog was left unattended. The words and thoughts are flying in the air and don’t seem to settle down. The transitional period… 

Writer’s block? Photographer’s block?   No, that’s bullshit. I was reminded again that there is no such thing. The important thing is to keep doing something, keep creating and by doing something, it will evolve into something else and so on… a creative snowball.

Like this post, for example. I’ve been thinking what to write about for a few days now until I simply sat down and got on with it. Why don’t I just write what comes to my mind? I sensor myself too often. Afraid of not being interesting enough. But that all goes away when you just DO IT.

It’s a personal diary, a visual diary, a thoughts diary with questions to public as well as myself. Just let it roll…

By the way, if you’re in a similar situation, this post helped a lot. Oh and Chris, thanks for the Bowie link 😉

lumix street-10.jpg



4 comments on “Let it roll

  1. I know what you mean about self censoring Yuri. I find the worst part is when I am just about to start typing. It all feels so pointless then. But sometimes something great comes along. I’ve been procrastinating on downloading some images from my SD card to upload for a blog post. I’m not sure why, it’s an okay post but every time I come round to doing it, it feels pointless.

    • I think the personal blog is a very good place to share every step of your journey, unedited, uncensored, come as you are kinda stuff. I remind this to myself when need be. We’re not applying for Magnum ffs 🙂

      • It’s true, there is something beautiful about seeing behind the scenes. At the same time, sometimes it’s great to look at something and wonder how it came about not knowing all the ins and outs. I choose both 😉

      • Yes. You also don’t have to break it down to details but I’m talking more about frame of mind or psychology behind a certain photo(s) , thoughts, struggles, decisions and so on… I try not to turn too technical or revealing on how a photo came about but then again, it’s whatever you feel comfortable sharing with the world right.

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