We all have them. These black and white days. No, it’s not a photography pun. I mean good and bad days. 

And maybe it sounds cheesy but when you’re having one of those bad days, you feel down and wish it was over. While waiting and struggling through it, maybe all you have to do is just look up. You never know…












The photos are taken in Montpellier and Marseille, 2016.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

11 comments on “Up

  1. Great inspiration Yuri. I think I avoid looking up a bit because at 35mm it can be difficult to have a feeling of being close, I don’t think that’s the case with these images. It’s certainly making me wonder about all the opportunities I may have missed from keeping my head down.

    • Thanks Chris. I thinks the 35mm gives you this creative limitation so you just have to work with it. Plus, i do crop a bit after to get rid of the unnecessary clutter. In the end its just saying- What If? (Another great Bowie advice)

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