Notes to self: Why comes before How

Again, I’d like to mention that everything that’s written here is my subjective view, some of you may relate and some may argue the point but I find it’s important to write these things down, cement my trail of thoughts at present time and share with you guys along the way.

First of all ask WHY and then ask HOW.

lumix street-5.jpg

Its easier to ask how because you are eager to get the result. You want to finish it, publish it, share it, whatever it may be.

But as soon as you swap the how by why, suddenly it all becomes clearer. You go deeper and reveal to yourself that by knowing why you want to do whatever it is you’re doing, you come up with the foundation of a reason. It feels more important and you feel more responsible to go through with it.

lumix street-7.jpg

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4 comments on “Notes to self: Why comes before How

  1. Great second image in this post Yuri! The zigzag of white and black! Awesome. I think I agree with you. Why is a fundamental question because if you’re why isn’t good, you’ll lose focus and stop wanting to do it. It isn’t an easy question with clear answers but that makes it important. Plus why will direct your how later.

  2. Thanks Chris. Happy with the image too. Sometimes we just need to ask the right questions. However it isnt the only approach and also for people who only picked up a camera the How should come first i guess..

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