Book on the go

Last night I have noticed that Blurb (a popular self publishing company) have launched a new app for ios and android. It costs about 15 € and it lets you create a book on the go. 

I must admit the idea sounds very interesting and appealing as we tend to do more and more stuff on the go nowadays.

However, would you really want to make a photo book using your mobile phone? Is this tiny screen good enough to preview your images?

I wonder what people make of it and could it actually be a potential  creative way to make photo zines.

12 comments on “Book on the go

  1. The idea of creating a book on a mobile device is completely alien to me. I don’t even make a blog post that way. But then, I don’t use a mobile phone unless I absolutely have to, so I’m probably a bit of a dinosaur.

    • It does sound weird but in the end i guess it is inevitable as mobile technology and communication slowly takes over. I think nothing’s wrong with experimenting but eventually you pick whatever works the best for you. Thanks Petra

  2. I do almost everything on my iPad now and actually made a first draft of a family photo book that way (then used lightroom on my Mac as it was easier to upload and have higher res images). So the idea of using my iPad makes total sense to me…an iPhone…not so much. Oh and the reason for the iPad is that it feels more hands-on, and looks more like the final product IMO. but that’s me. if people don’t like it then that’s fine too. Each to their own.

    • All true but should not we keep up with times and try new things? Look what Digital photography did in the last 15 years or so. Even the most famous film photogs now shoot digital…

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