Looking forward to Winter

I think most of the people here in South of France don’t like winter or cold weather in general. I guess thats normal for people who live in warmer places. Then again, its not like we get a proper winter. 

Last time it really snowed in Montpellier was back in 2010. If you are looking for a lot of snow, you need to drive up to the nearest Mountain ( Mont Aigual ). That’s where the picture below was taken.

I’m looking forward to going back there. I miss proper winter, the kind of winter I had when I was a kid, back in Kazakhstan. -15 outside… my mom would wrap me up in double or triple layers, I would grab my snow sledge and go out with friends to the park…

Even if we don’t get a proper winter here in France, Im still looking forward to those cold days and warm evenings with my family. Drinking lots of tea, eating delicious chocolate and all other wintery foods. Spending Christmas and New Year with my loved ones is definitely one of my favourite times.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you have the kind of winter that you wish for.


3 comments on “Looking forward to Winter

  1. i really know what youre talking about. there is sometimes snow in Jerusalem, but very hard to get there when it starts snowing. once a few years ago i spent 16 long hours in my car all night long with a hundredths other cars on the road 12 km from Jerusalem. i was so happy that i had some fuel in my car cos temperature was less then 0 and it’s kind of catastrophe for our tires and for the clothes that i had with me. we were evacuated by army and i was able to return there only in two days – to take my car back.
    actually it was a great adventure for me of course i shooted everything 🙂
    hope to stay stuck again !

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