A window

I had a window. Approximately an hour and a half window. I dropped the kids off at school, popped over to the bank, then the post office. I was itching to get the camera out of my pocket, forget everything else for 90 minutes, truly open my eyes and get into the photography zone.

I took one of my usual photo walks route.


Walking by the park, crossing a few little roads and on way to the main train station of Montpellier. The light was magical that morning.


After processing the images from that day, I only had a couple of them which I turned into B&W, the rest are in colour. I couldn’t resist the pallet of colours that was presented before my eyes. The sun generously painted the city with its warm morning rays of light.






The Montpellier train station is probably one of my favourite spots to shoot. There are always people, movement and geometrical lines which I’m very fond of. Combine it with a beautiful light and you can create some great photographs.






I’m curious to know, what is Your preferred time to shoot on streets? Do you like the warmer tones of the morning or the colder evening atmosphere? Also, when do you shoot in colour and what time of the day you prefer B&W (if you make these choices at all)?

Appreciate your visit and as usual, please share if you like the post. Till very soon!


9 comments on “A window

  1. Great pictures, great light!

    This is where color shines – makes my sometimes regret my dedication to b&w….

    Mornings are my favorite times too – better that evening. You sometimes have a low mist to enhance the slanting sunrays. And your head is still fresh and open for all the possibilities…. that is if there were no excesses the night before!

  2. Really great pictures (love that dogs head!) I’m not sure what my favourite times are. I think it has a bit to do with how I feel. I love shooting when I just want to forget the world for a bit. To focus on the things around me and not myself. I guess this normally happens around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Maybe a little later or earlier, it really depends on the day. I think in terms of light, I prefer the “golden hours’ at either end of the day.

    • Thanks Chris. I’d agree, there are a few things to consider, depends on your mood, daily chores, distractions. In the end, I think my favourite time to shoot would be – whenever I am able to shoot! Everything else, like light, weather conditions etc are bonuses 🙂

  3. i agree with Frank ! i love the morning hours but rarely use them cos have no time at morning during my workdays. i still prefer to shoot BW. but my fav time to take pictures is afternoon, close to evening and of course during hours of darkness and again BW.
    beautiful collection of shoots and very nice warm tones of colors Yuri !

  4. Yuri, it’s been a while since I was on WP. Forgive me for not keeping up, but now it is a thrill to view a number of your posts all at once. I must say, I enjoy seeing your shots because there is a certain style that you have developed and fine-tuned, and the consistency is remarkbale in that one can not only be rewarded by spotting your playful work with lines, shapes, and tones but also in imaging the open narrative(s) that they deliver. All are worth revisiting but that last one of the desk in the middle of a sunlit room really does it for me. It’s time I try to open up and and encompass more elements in my own work; thus, many thanks for your passion for images and words that are a great source of inspiration. (And to answer your question: I am partial to the late afternoon light on sunny days when colours get sharp and intense, especially when contrasted with shadows). Warm regards.

    • Hi Angel. Many thanks for your kind words. It is after feedbacks like yours I get even more inspired and motivated to keep creating and searching for THAT image… I really appreciate you following my work and articles as I assure you, I always keep an eye on your adventures 🙂 Thank you also for your answer. Hope you have a great week and speak soon!

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