Over a coffee

Its the second time I write a blog post today. I deleted the first draft. I wrote about 15 lines, rumbling about something, re-read it, took a deep breath and erased everything. I know, I try not to sensor myself too much and just write what’s on my mind but it really felt like something very silly to share…

So…. I might be sharing another silly thing instead haha.

Here are some shots that I plan to include in the upcoming zine:

dark school.jpg




candid lumix-16.jpg


candid lumix-5.jpg

The most difficult, of course, will be sequencing but I think I have an idea for that.

Always happy to hear your thoughts dear readers.

Thanks again for stopping by 🙂

5 comments on “Over a coffee

  1. Your shots are great as ever, above all the car under blue sky… very graphic !

    Good luck with the ´zine.

    As for posts, sometimes I post something and a bit later I ask myself…. WHY?? Too late 😉
    Good to see that you act in time and take tough decisions !

  2. i put attention that i always have much more comments on these posts – when i post and later do think what it was about 🙂 don’t delete your pictures, don’t delete your thoughts (ok maybe part of them :-)) )
    beautiful compositions and light

    • Yes, thanks for your encouragement Victor. I agree and thats why I decide to share whatever i have to share at the specific moment on a certain day. I can look back to learn and wonder or discover something also… I love having a personal virtual place for thoughts and images and its different from social media sites like FB or Twitter…
      Have a good week!

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