Thank you

Hey guys,

I would just like to thank any of you who keep coming back to check out my work and read my sometimes confusing, sometimes quite silly musings and thoughts. Thing is, I do really treat this blog space as my personal diary therefore I try not to sensor myself too much and write any good stuff thats on my mind. Thoughts offload in a sense.

So again, I do appreciate every one of you who follow this blog and I assure you that I try to check out every follower’s blog and work. Finding time is the most difficult part of it but I try to find some. Discovering some new work, getting inspired and motivated by other photographers and creative people is one of my favourite things to do.

Yes, I know, Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago but who cares, I’m incredibly grateful for you – the reader for visiting, commenting, sharing your thoughts and liking the blog posts.

2016 is almost over so it feels natural to look back and draw some conclusions, organise my thoughts on my personal photography path and what comes next…

During this month I will be posting some of my personal favourite shots from this year. I am hoping to edit more carefully and some images will be included in the upcoming zine.

If you follow me on Instagram, I will be posting there also, so keep an eye out 🙂






Thanks again for stopping by, have a wonderful week and till very soon


11 comments on “Thank you

  1. Thanks to you, Yuri, for sharing your images and thoughts, they are always a joy to look at! Also this set is very nice, love the last photograph of the near empty parking lot with the lonesome car. Discovering the three guys up top requires a deeper look and makes me wonder what their up to. In this case monochrome makes me think it’s something dark….Have a great Sunday!

  2. I’ll second (third?) the other’s who thanked you for posting. I’d add that I’m so thankful for your encouragement Yuri. I’d say that after my wife, you’ve been the biggest encouragement for my photography. You are a legend. I really like your favourite photos from the year idea. I might have to steal it ;-P three very strong images here (and yet very different at the same time.) not sure what I’d pick as my favourite. Maybe the first.

    • Thanks Chris, if you steal – then you must steal like an artist! 😉
      Also, thanks for sticking around, i’m happy to exchange my thoughts with you (you’re also probably one of the first photobloggers i’ve met online) , i enjoy reading your articles and following your photo adventures. After all, we all have a similar goal – that next image… Speak soon my friend

      • Haha well put on so many levels. I think you were one of my first photobloggers I came across too…after Eric Kim but I mean…you can’t avoid him!

      • I know, he’s so mainstream right? I am still astonished with the amount of material he puts out there though. Can’t deny his dedication.

      • I mean, it helps to do it as your living but even with that taken into account it is astonishing. I know some people love to hate on Eric and there are some just criticism of him (just as there are of EVERY street photographer) but you can’t deny his passion and work ethic. Legend.

      • Exactly, everyone follows their own path. There will always be critics and haters (most of em just jealous) so i say – well done to him. I have learned quite a bit from his blog to be honest

      • I absolutely agree about jealousy. I think Valerie gets this too. Sure, you might not like her street style, but that doesn’t mean you have to attack her (or Eric). Usually, it’s just because people wish their photos/words got as much attention. I’ve learnt a heck of a lot from Eric too.

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