Christmas rush

These photos were taken just a few days before Christmas.

I came out to shoot in the city centre around the rush hour (about 16h). I had to take my bulky Canon as the little Panasonic Lumix doesn’t deal with low light too well and also I would not have be able to slow the shutter speed to have the desired blurry motion effect.

That afternoon was all about getting lost in the crowds, shooting from the gut using the xmas lights as a backdrop to the scenes.










Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I wish everyone a fantastic New Year. Thank you for visiting and see you in 2017!


7 comments on “Christmas rush

  1. I wonder how some of these would have turned out with a flash to freeze the subjects closest to the camera (especially the last). Nice series Yuri and another good reminder that not freezing the action can lead to some interesting results.

    • THanks Chris. To be honest i’m not a fan of using flash on streets. I do like to be discreet and not draw attention. Plus, i found that freezing the closest subjects with flash have now become a bit of a cliche or mainstream thing to do… so i just stuck to the main principal i wanted to show and i’m quite happy with the results 🙂 Happy New Year Chris!

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