About dogs

There is not much to write about this one really. Selected photographs of dogs and their owners, taken in 2015, 2016.













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17 thoughts on “About dogs

    • Thanks Ivan, glad you like them. What I meant was that there isn’t a certain narrative or some kind of a story. I was going through the archives, looking for similar themes and there you go. The dog/cat is one of my favs too!

      • Haha, going through the archives as a pastime)) this is how I found my accidental series.
        This could make a good project, dogs and their owners, don’t you think? To see if it’s true what they say: every dog looks a little bit like its owner.

      • Yes it could. I’m afraid though, that it would be too cliché if you know what i mean. However, i’m more interested in getting the shots of dogs in different situations (like the dog/cat image)… seems more challenging, therefore more rewarding 🙂

  1. Some really great images here Yuri! You’ve got a wonderful little collection (zine?) coming with these. The bus stop is a pretty rewarding image that lots of little details appear the more you look at it. Great stuff.

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