Its a simple photo. It doesn’t have anyone in it because I didn’t want anyone in it.

I was wondering in the city centre of Montpellier, doing my daily “photo therapy” when I noticed this Internet cafe. It was shut as you can see… Three big letters hanging above.

We all know what they mean. I went back to this picture a few times and realised that the letters also symbolise the questions that we ask on a daily basis. So busy, trying to figure out how to get more likes and hearts so we can get on with our day with a good uplifting feeling… Sounds ridiculous, I know. Everybody struggles with it, I do too.

When? – should we share our images, lets look at statistics and only post at this hour, thats where I got more likes on my photo!

Where? – should I share my images, what platform is “cool” nowadays, is it facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc??? the most I can fit into my automatic posting?!

What? – should I share? How about this very nice photo, it’s got perfect composition, I dont really like the subject but it will do because the public will dig it and then I’ll get some favs and likes!

We are forgetting another W. And I would like to join my friends-photogs David Barrett and Chris Wilson who both have recently written very interesting articles on that missing W. The most important one in my opinion.



Thank you for reading.

9 comments on “WWW

  1. Great questions Yuri. I think we should all struggle through these. My gut instinct is we either say “everywhere, all the time, everything” or we go the opposite way “one place where we stick it out, at the absolute best time and only our best images”. I wonder about the 80/20 principles idea here. 20% of our work produces 80% of the results, so invest more in that 20%. What if 20% of the networks we’re on produce 80% of the results? What if 20% of the time has the highest return? What if we only shared our top 20% of images? I think that’s probably a recipe for success.

  2. great questions and i have some corrections as one who stalked like crazy these social networking places.
    “when” – when we post our images on net, we want that people will see them (or why to post if we have no need in views). a modern social media algorithms are working in manner of very fast filtering of what is viral and what will be hidden and will go forever to the “history” – when we post our works during the most busy hours – more people see them and put their “likes”, “hearts” – so algorithm don’t hide them for more time. when more people comment on these works during the starting time, this makes this specific post viral – less or more or just visible to more people. and “likes” just some kind of mark that someone saw the image… not always it mean he/she loved it.
    this “why” is always in my favorite questions 🙂 i often ask – not why i post but why i take pictures, I also can be satisfied by what i saw.

    • Thanks for your comment Victor. I know how algorhithms work and i did try doing all those mentioned things but in the end it only drove me to do and post (please others) internet is a great place to share the work but i just think if we get too obsessed and try to please others in order to get some likes is ridiculous coz if you post once a week and get a descent and constructive feedback its worth so much more. 🙂

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