Through the archives

Hi guys,

This is going to be another visual diary entry. Those photos were taken in December of 2016. I was going through my archives and saw that some images were left unseen.

The two photos below were taken by the Palace of Justice. I like walking around that area as it is very photogenic. You might have seen some earlier pictures that were taken in the same place.

cold eves-4.jpg


xmas walk-11.jpg

Can’t help but surrender to the light. Below – near the great walking park Peyroux.

xmas walk-3.jpg


cold eves-3.jpg

Rounding off with an “open” image. Taken while on my way back home.

xmas walk-21.jpg

Thanks for checking this out and see you soon!


7 comments on “Through the archives

    • Close. A performer but wasnt drunk. He fell over, right next to the security guard of a supermarket who started to tell him off… I took a shot, helped the guy up and we had a chat.

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