New Adventure

Today was a beginning of a new adventure. It has been coming for quite some time. I finally switched from my heavy Canon to a super compact, little trickster that is Fujifilm X70. 


Before you roll your eyes and make quick assumptions that I suffer from G.A.S. I can assure you that I have no such illness.

I went into photography with my Canon 650D about 5 years now and stuck with it up untill now, lately occasionally shooting with iPhone and point & shoot Lumix. Canon has always been my first choice camera for shooting on streets, at home, on events etc.


For the past year or so, I have been looking at switching to something more practical. Something light, compact, fast, something that can produce great quality images too. Thats when Fuji x70 caught my eye. For the past few months I made sure I knew everything about this camera, with its’ ups and downs.


After weighing up all the options I decided to go through with it as my birthday is coming up soon, so I guess it was a good excuse too 🙂 I sold my Canon gear and purchased the Fuji X70.


Ok, it will take me time to get used to the Fuji system functions but already after spending 2 hours on streets, I couldn’t be happier with it. These images are from today’s first walk with my new friend.




More stories and views on first days with the Fuji coming up soon on the blog. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading.


22 comments on “New Adventure

  1. Have great fun with it Yuri (I’m sure you will). How have you found using the LCD so far? I really didn’t like that limit with my Olympus EP-5 but I know some people love it. can’t wait to see how this impacts your photography.

    • Thanks Chris. You know i haven’t even thought about a viewfinder since i got it. Maybe coz ive been shooting with point&shooter lately so no worries at all. I see the scene in front of me, flip the screen up, frame what i need and click. Looks more discreet as im not bringing my arms up. Almost a silent shutter is great too. Time will tell about the impact of what i produce you are right.

      • You can probably turn the shutter completely silent. In the menus, go to settings and then sound set up and there may be an option to make it basically completely silent. I held off doing that to my fuji for a long time, but once I started doing it, it opened up some other candid possibilities.

      • Yea, just found it. I’ll see how it goes. So far i kinda like the slight noise of the shutter as i know exactly when the image is made. I’m sure in some situations though, silent shutter will come in very handy

  2. this is amazing you get really great angles – would you want to take a look at my blog and let me know what you think? I am trying to get my works out there! your feedback would be so kindly appreciated 🙂

  3. Good luck with you new device I’m sure you won’t regret buying it loving the pics that you captured do check out my blog posts and let me know what you think I’m new to the blogging world x

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