Monday Masters : Graciela Magnoni

Hi guys, we missed our Monday feature on Masters of photography so we’re back with a bang! Anyone who would like to participate – choose a photographer whose work inspires you and share it across social media. GO!

This week I chose a photographer whom I discovered on Instagram. Her work continues to inspire me every time I notice her image(s) on IG. I don’t even need to check the author of the picture as she has her own distinct point of view and way of seeing. I am talking about Graciela Magnoni.


“Graciela Magnoni is French-Uruguayan. Since childhood she has lived in many countries. For several years she worked as a staff photographer for ISTOE, a news magazine in Brazil. For the last 5 years, Graciela has travelled the world photographing candid scenes on the streets and working on personal projects”.

She has an amazing eye to capture complicated life moments that may include several subjects, layers. Not only those moments seem as if they were somehow orchestrated, the emotions of people in her images are captured with extreme accuracy.

“I take pictures on streets around the world. My images are candid, never staged. I never direct any scene because for me, serendipity is the soul of an image: it makes it authentic and believable. It is very difficult to orchestrate a scene and get a good result.”


Graciela’s pictures, taken in different parts of the world never fail to amaze me. Serendipity, Graciela mentions is the soul of an image. It makes it authentic and believable.

“I very much enjoy the process of searching for a great image. It is tiring and frustrating, but the concentration and obsessive mode I go into have a therapeutic effect. I just love it.”

I absolutely recommend checking out her work following these links:

Graciela Magnoni official website

Lensculture profile

“Havana – A slice of the fifties” 

Well, I know what want to do right now – get out and take some pictures! I hope this little article inspires you too dear reader.

If you would like to join in, share who are you inspired  by nowadays. Find us on Twitter with #MondayMasters or post your answers in comments.

Thank you for visiting!

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