End of January

Photos from a recent walk in Montpellier, France.

We have had some bad weather at the end of January. Grey, rainy days. Not much light to work with so paying more attention to subjects, patterns and also trying something different. Embracing the restriction of shooting conditions may or may not lead you to a new path or a new idea. The only way to find out is to get out there…




I think this might be the most French looking person I’ve ever taken picture of.


This one is called “Fingers”. Earlier today I posted it on Instagram and then deleted because its really hard to notice THEM on a small phone screen.


I noticed this interesting gentleman with an umbrella. He was walking very slow… I followed him for a bit, then went ahead, noticed the wall art and waited for him to come into picture. I didn’t think that much of this shot when I took it. Its only when I uploaded it, I noticed that his umbrella and legs position compliment nicely “world clock” art on the wall.


In this one, first I noticed a good pallet of colours, then how well organised and lined up everything seemed to be…

Thank you for stopping by. More stories coming soon.


15 comments on “End of January

    • Appreciate it Chris. You can also critique and say what you would have done differently… 🙂 there’s not enough constructive arguments nowadays. Cheers man!

      • Ha good point. I think I’ve just given up on constructive criticism online. People don’t really like it!
        I’m not sure about the feet of the woman/man in the background of the first pick. I feel like it would be better if the feet were completely hidden OR more revealed and closer to the frame.
        With the last pick, I wonder about those bollards, maybe getting one in the centre of the wheel would have been a nice touch?

      • Thanks for your feedback Chris. Agree about the last picture – it is quite messy in the end. With the first one however, what i tried to do is form two corridors: one thats made of red lines and leads to the smoking man and the second one thats made of black polls that lead to two legs of mystery person…

  1. Great work as always Yuri , Im going to try to find you on instagram as im so far behind with keeping up with your and everyone elses blogs im sure im missing loads of great work…..

    • Hi neil, its great to have u back and thank you for your kind words.
      You know, its good sometimes to have a good break from it all. I’ve been considering it for a while already… to really concentrate and produce bodies of work… Looking forward to seeing on what you’ve been up to 🙂

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