List of thoughts

Hi folks,

I’ve spent a great couple of weeks with my family during these winter school holidays. It was important to me to stay offline as much as I could and enjoy spending time with my loved ones. Camera was always with me but in this case for personal family captures. I didn’t push it.


After that mini break from social media and blogging, I have lots of things on mind and no idea how to properly write them down. Some are obvious, some old, some new, some are borrowed from wise people that I respect. Just thought of the best way I can write them down, here we go:

  • family first, photography second
  • life first, photography second
  • photography first, camera second
  • story first, photography second
  • WHY first, HOW second


  • ignore others, trust yourself
  • edit before you take a shot
  • don’t force it, let it unravel
  • get personal
  • ignore stats/likes/hearts in SM
  • do what matters to YOU
  • do serious work but don’t take yourself so seriously
  • if you doubt the photo – it doesn’t work
  • if it speaks to YOU – you don’t have to explain it
  • fear and jealousy are the enemy



Thanks for reading, have a great weekend everyone.


6 comments on “List of thoughts

  1. A very good list, Yuri. Agree with almost everything. But I noticed that if I put life and family first I almost never get to the second. And it makes the rest of the list irrelevant. 😦

    • Thanks for commenting Ivan. Thing is the second comes naturally to me now as i switched to a more compact tool so its always at hand, almost to the point where i forget about it and take pictures automatically if it makes sense:)

      • Well, this is the point I was even going to complain about on my blog)) since I moved to the city and bought a car I have almost no time to roam the streets on my own. It’s always from A to B now, so I’m really struggling finding time and opportunity to do photography. Except for family photos I mean.

  2. Great list Yuri, I think it’s important to work out what really matters to us and make sure we live in light of that. It’s easy to say “family first, photography second” but it can quickly change.

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