One of the things I admit I have not yet got grip of is the consistency. I’ve read Josh White’s recent blog post and totally understand and agree with this issue he struggles with. I can identify with it.

I have written about it before and writing again. I wish I could stick to either B&W or colour. I wish I could capture either minimalistic images or “busy” images (like the first two here).



Thing is, photography for me is more about the feeling than thinking so naturally when i see something that visually pleases my eye – I make a photo.

I have lots of fun doing that, however when I look back and try to come up with a sequence of images, tie them up together, thats when the issue of inconsistency comes up.



feb days-15.jpg

I guess I’ll have to work harder on selecting and editing the photos. No panic, nice and easy. Following the self discovery path, trying new things. Maybe its good to feel bothered about this, maybe it pushes me to evaluate better and come to a better conclusion in the long run.



feb days-10.jpg

All photos taken in Montpellier, France in February 2017.

Thanks for being here!



18 comments on “Consistency

  1. Nice post my friend. I hope you figure things out, but to me it seems that even your minimalistic shot are pretty “busy” with all the shadows and the reflections and the structures. But that is just my opinion…

    • Thanks for your feedback Dimitris. Yes, i guess you’re right about my examples of minimalistic shots – i think in the end i’d like to make my work simpler and yet to stay effective with the message i’d like to send to the viewer, all that by having enough context in the image… hard work but so enjoyable 🙂

  2. I see you’ve also picked up on this issue from Josh White’s post. It’s interesting and I was also thinking to put some thoughts together about it myself. But I think his issue over “consistency” is more to do with getting the same “look” with from his Leica M + Canon lens push processing HP5 as he used to get with his iPhone and digital cameras. While the “look” might assist the sequencing it won’t necessarily make it seamless. That’s what makes the art and that’s what is worth taking time over.

    • Thanks. I see what you mean about the “look” of images. I think i’m battling on both fronts, more so on the one where I really don’t have particular theme or subject/s I love. I tend to find almost everything interesting and photographable but i feel i need to be more selective on what i publish.

  3. Yuri, how I interpret this is I think maybe there are two different things you’re talking about. One is a consistent (high) quality of photos, and the other is about defining a kind of signature look, so people see your photos and immediately recognise them as yours.

    If you switch between black and white and colour, minimal and busy, street and landscape, and so on, then it might make it harder to carve out that signature look for yourself, it that’s what you want. But I don’t it means the quality or appeal of your photos is lacking or inconsistent.

    You can have someone with a consistent look and style but the photos be dull, and someone who jumps between genres and looks, but nearly always makes interesting photos.

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