One day at the museum

I would like to share some photos that I made a few days ago when my oldest son an I visited the main museum in Montpellier.

Musée Fabre was founded in 1825. In 2003 it underwent a 61.2 million euro renovation, which was completed in January 2007. This year it celebrated the 10 year renovation anniversary and entries for all were free for the whole weekend.


I especially enjoyed that afternoon at the museum as I spent it only with one of my two boys. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both more than anything but if you have two kids who are more or less the same age, you’d understand me.

We had a great time together, going through the rooms and corridors which were filled with some astonishing works of art. Of course, we didn’t spend as much time as I wanted ( my son Oliver is 9…) but I thought we did a god job and looked at almost everything.


I even gave him my old Panasonic Lumix point & shoot for whenever he wanted to take a shot of something interesting to him.


I had my Fujifilm X70 (that doesn’t leave my jacket pocket lately). I didn’t even had the silent shutter on. I left it on the lowest possible noise option ( love that mechanical shutter sound ). However, using the tilting LCD screen was inevitable and a must as you don’t want to attract extra attention to yourself.


I had auto ISO, 1/125 shutter speed and was changing the aperture between f4 and 5.6 depending on the lighting conditions. Shooting with Classic chrome jpegs option and 28mm lens. Minor editing in Lightroom later and here are the results.




Thank you for visiting and till very soon!



12 comments on “One day at the museum

  1. I guess every child that has siblings likes to have their parents just for themselves every now and then. Or at least I did.
    I like the dim light, the look-throughs and the secrecy in these pictures, they evoke a feeling of expectation, mystery and wonder.

  2. Great mini series and sounds like a great trip. My wife and I went round a museum in Wroclaw when we were there and I kept my camera away the whole time. I kind of regret it now. I’d love to see some of your Son’s images too. It would be fascinating to see what his eyes were drawn to. (#ClassChromeforlife)

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