Another attempt

Another attempt at sequencing the images within a certain theme. The idea is there, of course this is only the beginning and needs to be investigated deeper.

Welcome to Neverland…

dream cloud.jpg

The idea for this little project lies in the refusal to grow up. Eternal childhood and escapism go hand in hand with creativity and photography in my opinion.

under tree.jpg

feb days-15.jpg

This is the first draft of photos I’m happy with. It might change in the future however I plan to firmly stick to the idea and explore it deeper in the future. Stay tuned…

feb days-13.jpg





Your feedback is always welcome dear reader, be it a positive or constructive/negative one 🙂

Thanks for visiting!

10 comments on “Another attempt

  1. I like the idea ‘welcome to neverland’ and specially in the first picture I could capture the idea of not growing up 🙂 regards PedroL

  2. It’s difficult to offer advice as I think sequencing is a personal matter. I do think the first image is really very pleasing and good on different levels and more than that it also offers the possibility of speculation over the revelation of some interesting and hidden narrative of childhood. But in my opinion the other pictures don’t work with the first – there is not the same private mystery and there’s not the same distance, the viewer’s space in different, closer. These other images invite the viewer to participate in a game and convey a sense of playful claustrophobia or of being trapped rather than escape. Perhaps a slower progression from one image to another, in other words introduce a lot more images. But I think if it was me try maybe printing them out in black and white to help sequencing and don’t force any theme(s) but let it emerge from that first picture or better still let it remain a secret or mystery. In other words the world of the first picture is one that you might prefer not to escape from but to explore.

    • Thank you so much for your detailed response and explanation. I knew there was something that is bothering me in this series and i think you described it very well. I can see what you mean about the relationship or lack of between the first image and the rest. I will definitely try to play around with the sequence and maybe swap or add different photos. I feel like maybe i have another hidden theme in those other photos , touching on being trapped or hide from something. Thanks again for your feedback its really helpful.

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