It doesn’t get boring

It doesn’t get boring, it can not get boring, even on much clamer days like Sundays, the main train station and what happens around it always fascinated me.


It remains one of my favourite places to go shooting in the city of Montpellier.


Right next to the station, there is a massive car park of 9 floors. In short, it is very photogenic be it on a sunny or a cloudy day.



When you come out of the station, you will find the cross rails of 4 tram lines that circulate the city. In peak hours it can get very overwhelming…


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11 comments on “It doesn’t get boring

  1. Places of transit are always of interest. For me, I really like #1 with it’s symbolism of the times we are living in, #3 for the gaze upon the way living space is being “squeezed out” to the thin end.

    • Thanks for checking this out Kevin. There is often a sea of people going up and down, so its a good practice to not panic and keep your eye out for the things that interest YOU to try and make sense in the chaos that surrounds you.

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