A walk with a friend

Hi guys, some time ago last year I shared a post “Four eyes” – it was about going out and making photos with my good friend and a great photographer Arno Dufaud (make sure to check out his work – its outstanding)

It’s been a while since we met up for another photo walk on the streets of Montpellier. You know how it is guys, life happens… However, couple of weeks ago we booked a date, we had a couple of hours free on one afternoon and we just did it.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I think photography is a solitary creative process but every now and then it’s invaluable to share your vision as the things unfold or more importantly learn and discover new things from the person next to you.

This time we hit one of my favourite areas in town – Train station and its surroundings.

with arno-8.jpg

with arno-6.jpg

with arno-12.jpg

with arno-11.jpg

with arno-10.jpg

with arno-3.jpg


with arno-9.jpg

with arno-5.jpg

with arno-7.jpg

with arno-15.jpg

with arno-14.jpg

9 comments on “A walk with a friend

  1. Beautiful photos ! I totally agree with what you say about solitary endeavours and needing to share someone else’s perspective from time to time. I think that’s also true for many domains as well as photography.

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