Containing colour

Lately I find it more and more difficult to shoot in colour. I mean, there will be less colour keepers than B&W images.


There are a few reasons for this and the first one is that it is much more difficult to make colour images that work. Colour is harder to control and contain and if it doesn’t play a certain role in the photo or if there is a combination of colours that are not pleasing to the eye then it doesn’t work in my opinion.


B&W strips the unnecessary distraction which colour may bring and simplifies an image.

However, once again I must say that when I go out shooting, I see everything in colour, naturally as the world IS… unless I set my LCD to monochrome. My first instinct is look for colours, combine the complimentary ones, make colour the subject of the story I’m trying to transfer through my picture.

x70 magic-15.jpg

I guess also I’m being more selective and more harsh on myself on what to keep or to share online. I stick to a few main principles while selecting my work: 1 – if I doubt an image, it doesn’t work; 2 – if I spend more than a minute on post prod on a photo, it doesn’t work; 3 – if it doesn’t catch my attention, it doesn’t work… And then there are images that are in limbo which I think I might use at some point but not sure where…haha

Some are included in this post. All shot on Fujifilm X70 in Montpellier, France 2017



5 comments on “Containing colour

    • Thank you Petra. I must return the compliment and say that your images strike a chord for me as they seem to calm me down and analyse the simple beauty around us.
      I really wasn’t sure about the first image here as it felt very messy but i like the characters and colours in it…

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