A quick video slideshow

I kind of miss making videos. I used to make lots of amateur videos, you know, for fun. Family videos, little short movies. I would think carefully which piece of music can accompany a certain movie clip. I used iMovie for that. Below is a little video which I made for a French school here in Montpellier. It was a few years ago, filmed on Canon 650D

That was before photography totally captured me…

Anyway, the second clip is not a movie of any kind. Its just a little video containing some photos from my photo zine which is published through Blurb.

It is the first time I tried Youtube slideshow maker, it was pretty easy and very quick to make. I had fun trying to find the piece of music which helps to add atmosphere to the images. I might make some more of these little videos in the future, we’ll see.

Thanks for visiting and please let me know what you think…

4 comments on “A quick video slideshow

  1. I think the you made little video <> interesting through editing, which of course is easy to do digitally though still time-consuming. I have also thought I should pick up my video camera again and do something creative but it is a quite different art to doing photography and I don’t have a specific project in mind. Aside from making keepsakes I think having a project is more important for moving images than when you make photographs, which can be edited into series afterwards. Perhaps I’m too lazy or eclectic in that respect so I stick with photography 🙂

    I really like the photos with the use of geometry and I think the theme of alienation is very strong here. I can envisage a gallery show with these images framed on the wall and also projected onto the wall with that soundtrack.

    I wonder if your “zine” is really more a photobook rather than a “zine”. It might be worth exploring other ways of producing physical zines rather than using Blurb, which is an expensive way to do it – unless I’m just cheap… and poor :))

    • Thanks for your comment Kevin. I agree that video is quite different to photography but im intrigued if i changed how i approach it now after i took a long hiatus from making videos.
      I like your suggestion about projecting the images on the wall using the sounds- will def look into it. I was also wondering if the subject of City Web worth exploring further and making it into a photo book. Editing and selecting is the toughest part but in the end it has to be done… I can surely try to find an independent publisher for it but it takes a lot of time and connections or maybe im just lazy… Blurb works for now as its fast, good quality and u can sell online immediately although as you say a bit pricey.

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