Montpellier by night

As promised, here are some shots taken last week. I finished work a little earlier an had about an hour to spare. My faithfull X70 was with me of course.

I went for a walk in the town centre to capture the evening’s atmosphere and things that caught my eye…









Thanks for stopping by and checking out the city night lights. (White shoes stole the show for me)…

I’m curious if you guys like shooting at night and how your perspective changes while doing so? Are there certain subjects that you will/will not approach …

10 comments on “Montpellier by night

  1. I think it’s a bit of a challenge unless you use flash, easier with digital in low light. Brassai’s night shots of Paris are hard to beat.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Im not sure on this one… colour remains to be the more natural (as it is) but if i see when colour doesnt work in certain photo i convert it to bnw. Maybe i should give my colour more chance..

      • It depends…you wrote, that you went out to capture evening’s atmosphere…so you had the goal, and for this I think, color worked better…

        maybe if you intital idea was to go out to photograph loneliness, rawness, tension and darkness of the night…than, in that case, maybe, bw would be better

        maybe it is about what you want to express by the photo…. the impact is very different

      • My problem is that whenever i go out shooting i cant stick to One plan only. Its like another photog said: “i go mushroom picking but if i see berries, I’ll pick them too”…

  2. Color shots are great but I of course prefer the b&w ones. The white shoes are really something! My night shots usually happen early mornings. Mostly 400ISO film is barely able to capture the photos (often sparsely lighted shop windows). Sometimes I push to 1600 or 3200…

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