Back story

This image folder lived on my desktop for long enough. I topped it up once in a while, when a photo matched the theme. The theme is not that great and pretty simple as you can see but it served a practice for me to actually stick to a certain theme/sequence and publish when i had a suficiant amount of photos (similar to that post on “Dogs“)

lumix-9street-4canon walk-14candid lumix-19candid-23random-20street-29streetlife-915-07-8they woreX70-7april end-19

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4 comments on “Back story

  1. Really like your ‘back stories’….. expected something else when I saw the post but that’s great. I always hesitate to photograph people from behind because it seems too easy (and I’m scared to do it from the front….hehe). But here you got a load of very cool backs! Great. And no complaints about “hey you there, why you taking my pitcher???”

    • Thanks Frank, the title has a catch yes :). They were easy to make and theres no deep meaning but whatever they had on their backs made me wonder how would people look like from the front… maybe i should have run and taken a photo from the front of each one of them haha

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