Forwards or backwards?

Easter holidays are over and we’re back to our normal routine. The weather was so good during the holidays, we spent most of our days outside either in parks or meeting up with friends. We had a great time…

Today – back to school for the kids and back to usual duties for parents. However this year, the passover hangover comes with a certain scent… The French presidential elections are under our noses.

sunny days-6.jpg

You could already smell it during the holidays but its growing stronger and stronger. I’m not going to vote, I can’t vote as I’m not French. I can only observe and offer opinions. I don’t offer many, i’ve never been into politics but having witnessed what happened in the UK and US I cant help but get a little bit worried about the outcome. I know its a long shot for the National Front but still…

There are four major candidates this time! One is “better” than the other.

sunny days-7.jpg

Who will lead France from 2017? A thief, a racist, a banker or a pro-Putin nationalist?

Will this country go forwards or backwards?

sunny days-9.jpg

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