That small thing

I’m subscribed to Seth Godin‘s daily blog. I admit that a good portion of his posts I often don’t have time to look at or they are somewhat irrelevant to me as their content is business or marketing driven.

Yet, there are posts like this one. It manages to knock at the right door so I relate to it and remember it or in this case share it with you.

We get what we invest in. The time we spend comes back, with interest.

If you practice five minutes of new, difficult banjo music every day, you’ll become a better banjo player. If you spend a little bit more time each day whining or feeling ashamed, that behavior will become part of you. The words you type, the people you hang with, the media you consume…

The difference between who you are now and who you were five years ago is largely due to how you’ve spent your time along the way.

The habits we groove become who we are, one minute at a time. A small thing, repeated, is not a small thing.

Have a wonderful weekend friends.

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