The invisibles

It always makes me smile and wonder when I hear or read about people who try to define “street photography”. It’s up to YOU to define it! There are no written rules and if they were, they’re made to be broken.

These images below have no one in them. Or do they?

MTP streets-3.jpg





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21 comments on “The invisibles

  1. There’s no one in the photos, but the presence is implied…. very nice. I like the chess boards / tennis field. People shine by their absence in these photos.

    That’s street… no definition

  2. Ooh, these photos speak loads! I especially dig the chess one, and there’s definitely a story behind each.
    Just reminded me of the photo challenge theme for Hit the streets podcast. I wish I had something like this.

  3. I like how you’ve chosen to emphasise the theme using symmetry, the crack in the pavement in the first image is significant, chess pieces /no chess pieces, blossom /no blossom. I’d say it’s conceptual photography based around the dual narratives of implied presence and absence.

    • I like your interpretation. Its close to mine. The middle of the frame pays its role for me so do the sides as ive noticed later on. Its what made me pick those three in particular. Thanks

  4. There’s also the evocation of memory at play here, and given their location they might even stand as comment on current events and the current political situation in France. Very interesting.

  5. Before breaking the rules one should know them.
    i agree with you about definition but there are very basic “rules” about composition for example. some ppl do zone focusing but their images don’t work because this basic rule “composition” is not in place 🙂
    i love your empty places Yuri

  6. Yes definitely makes you think……I like the single chair by the flowers…..someone decided that was a lovely place to stop a while…..I wonder who? I like your style.

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