The images in this post are from this week’s photo walks. Continuing exploring Montpellier which is situated in the South of France. It never gets boring because every day you never know what you’re going to get.


I understand photographers who need to go somewhere else to get back on track, to get inspired again. In my opinion – if you can’t shoot in your own town/city, you wont develop your vision. Nothing wrong with a quick getaway and exploring new territories but inspiration comes from your actions not from the lightning bolt which will strike your brain one day…


Time to get out, breath in the city, people, nature, light, colours. Time to use that tool that you chose. It’s time to stop TIME. It’s time to react.


I have to admit I don’t stay in one place for a long time. It happens rarely to me. It’s something I feel I need to work on. I’m quite impatient by nature so most of the shots are pure reactions to whatever I find interesting in front of me.


Sometimes I would take up to 6 or 7 shots of the same scene but that would be maximum. I should take more time…

Thank you for checking this out and hope you have a great weekend!


13 comments on “Reactions

  1. on my screen these clouds has lots of white spots without any detail, fist image, same on your screen? or you don’t mind?

      • sometimes it depends on the monitor…and how it is calibrated…it might be ok on your side

      • I just checked in Lightroom and everything is fine, it does not show that i have clippings… i guess like you said, depends on the monitor… thanks anyway 🙂

      • Hi, I downloaded you photo and checked and it showed clipping. I can show you… if you want i will send you what i see by email…not my monitor…anyway…it doesn matter…it is what i see…others /and you/ are not borthered by this, so i guess we can close the discussion.

  2. Yes it’s true what you say. I see “international street photographers” going a long way and end up making much the same kind of pictures they do back home, especially in b/w. Anyway, nice shot that last one from the balcony, I like the colours too. I can confirm no white spots on the clouds on my screen. Nice area there. Do you know Gruissan plage?

      • I can’t see any myself. I’m sure someone else will have a look as well. Maybe some dust catching off my pictures 🙂

    • Thanks Kevin. The shot was taken from the top floor of the main parking by the train station actually.
      Gruissan plage is about 40 min west from where I live. I’ve never been there. Have you?

  3. love the last shoot Yuri…composition, color patterns on the street, man walking across…nice catch 👍

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