The most important photographs I will take will always be of my family and loved ones.

Time is our worst enemy. Cherish those moments as they will vanish too quick… Grab a camera and make photos.




My Oliver is already 9…

That magic tool that stops time is in your hands. Use it!

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11 comments on “Time

  1. These are very nice pictures Yuri. I went for years without making any photos at all. Will you be printing them and putting them into albums?

  2. I can’t agree more with you, Yuri. Time flies really quickly when your head is deep into solving everyday troubles. You know how google photos sometimes shows you a photo collage of your photos from two or three years ago? That’s when I almost painfully realize that speed of time. Kids change so rapidly. Mine are 5 and 1 already.
    On another topic: what is your rationale for printing photo books? Do you watch them more often than on the computer?

    • Thing about photo books is that whenever you feel like looking through the photos you can just pick it from your shelf, touch it, feel it. Its different and better. The computer also serves as a storage but when you have a book you can enjoy it and it will keep forever (hopefully)

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