With a little help of the blog

I seriously need to organise my photos. I keep telling myself and always find a reason not to. There’s always something in the way.

At the moment I shoot, transfer the pictures onto the hard drive, keep them in monthly folders. Thing is, if I’m looking for a particular pattern or a theme it can be a pain in the neck to find what I need…

So what I’ll try to do this time is to use this blog to kind of start organising them. We’ll see if it works or not. Hopefully in the future, checking out a certain blog post will help me to find the necessary stuff.

I’m starting with the post on people of Montpellier. Shot with Fuji X70 (auto ISO, F8/11, 250/500 SS, 0/-1 exp)








Thank you for checking in!

6 comments on “With a little help of the blog

  1. I especially like those first two. The first is very topical and interesting blend of reds and blues which resonate here and how he chose to wear a red jacket. The second I like because of what appears to be a rope waiting to hang someone, the interplay of lines and shadows and the double-framed priest-like figure waving. The last one, very French – is he carrying a voting card or something perhaps?

    • Thank you. Yes, the first one was a pretty instinctual shot. In the second I had to wait a bit for this person to pass so I could merge him into the background, like you – the lines and ropes and the painted priest figure caught my attention.
      The last one embodies the cliché French figure, even the obsession with paperwork/administration is there 🙂

  2. I’m a bit late to the party, but I’d like to second your point about organizing your catalogue. I’ve recently came up with my own plan how to bring those pics in some kind of an order, so I definitely can relate to the topic.
    Using the blog for that purpose sounds very interesting and it would be great to hear about your experience. For me I’ve discovered a nice Lightroom feature of collections which allows me to put photos together according to some criteria. It still takes time to sift through my entire catalogue but once the pics are sorted it’s supposed to be easier.

    • Thanks for your suggestion Ivan. The issue I have thou is that I only have copies of files in LR and store all originals on hard drive. So for me to try & organise it in LR could be another epic tale… Yes, I should have thought about it before, i might consider printing little 6×4 images and do it manually. Cheers

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