The watcher

The image was taken during the first proper sunny, warm days of April 2017.

I remember I had a good walk that day. I just received the wrist strap for my Fuji, so I attached it and went exploring the city. One of the places I visited that day was the Botanic Gardens which is situated just outside the old city centre of Montpellier.


When I made the image above, I knew I would convert it to B&W. I wanted that abstract look. The lines and textures would play the main role. The colour would have distracted me.


However I kept this image SOOC (straight out of camera) in colour as I very much identified with the man in the shadow. It felt so real to me. Little part of me tells me I should maybe be mingling in the crowd, sitting in the sun but on the other hand I’m pretty happy to walk around, observe, create visual stories. And on top of that, I still feel like a foreigner here. France is a tough nut to crack…

Thanks for checking this out as always, have a great sunday!


5 comments on “The watcher

  1. I like your abstract, but also the symbolism of the stairs vis-a-viz this feeling of being the etranger, the notion of displaced identities and being #All alone in the danger zone# to cite the song is very much present I think, and again I detect this in your work.

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