People of Montpellier

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All shots are made with Fuji X70. Montpellier, France 2017

12 comments on “People of Montpellier

  1. Cool shots, Yuri! I really like the colours and shadow play. That one with a person carrying a yellow cable (or whatever) is double thumbs up!

  2. Yes, I think I also like the one of the man pulling the yellow hose best, shadows and hose leading to the pillars, balanced frame and so on… could take him out of the shadows a bit to join him to the tapestry to extend the metaphor maybe, I dunno? Just a thought.

  3. Four of these images connect things in a meaningful way. Clearly everyone likes the man dragging the yellow power lead, and no wonder…it is that huge post with its steel bands next to the embedded boulder that hints that the power lead is a Sisyphean weight, to which the mural, light and organic stands in contrast. But there’s also the man and dog walking quite contrarily uphill (due to the dutch tilt with which you have composed the shot) against the arrow; and the exhausted (or drunk?) rail passenger who is surrounded by sculptural forms all echoing his sagging shoulders; and that oily looking character hoisting his trousers in front of the hotel…how accurately have you aligned his pants-waist with the masonry of the building, and his hook nose with the punctuation of the hotel bell-press! Then there is the happy (i.e. perhaps subconscious) rhyming of the stars in the banner, being indicated by our helpful guide in the background, with the gentleman in the blue shirt. The very reason I followed your work was your sense of rhyme…and here it is again! Love it!

    • Thank you for your wonderful feedback. It’s so interesting to know what the viewer picks up from the images. You explained everything with such detail and attention.
      I must say its so exhilarating making these images as its a split second decision and most of the time you dont get what you wanted. But it’s all worth it when you finally do… Thanks again

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