Exploring the Festival of Live Architecture in Montpellier

It’s around +35 in the shade in the old city centre of Montpellier at mid afternoon. A normal person would stay home, turn on his air conditioning, watch Netflix and eat ice-cream but why be normal, right?

This year’s Live Architecture Festival’s theme is emotion. The historic city centre is taken over by ephemeral contemporary architecture.

This venue is an opportunity to discover the interior courtyards of historical mansions in the city centre while following an architectural theme trail showing the work of more than 10 architects’ young generation international teams.

The images I’ve taken don’t really document what kind of installations were presented. There were enough tourists taking the same kind of shots… I tried to use the works as backgrounds to create some interesting images and add a bit of unknown, something unanswered.






Planning to go back soon to get some more shots!

Thank you for visiting!

6 comments on “Exploring the Festival of Live Architecture in Montpellier

  1. Very cool Yuri. I love the head in the red balloons. I wonder if some eye contact would have made it better…or maybe even glancing out of frame at something. Still mysterious and cool.

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